LUX EGLINTON – Investment Opportunity by Top Real Estate Group (TREG)

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TREG has been a family-owned brokerage and investment firm since 1993. Decades of experience and understanding have evolved TREG to ensure the success of its company and clients. TREG has been a part of the growth of numerous cities and communities, with clients and partners from all over the world. Their investments and projects include land banking and development, community development, government-backed projects, residential properties, and everything else that has to do with land and property.

The building market in Canada is the world’s fifth-largest. Toronto has more construction cranes per capita than any other city in North America. Simply put, when it comes to real estate development and international investment, Toronto is now seen as the new London, Paris, and New York.

The LUX Eglinton is one of TREG’s latest high-rise condo investment opportunities. Here’s a summary of the project:

Courtesy of TREG

The high-rise property boasts 0.3 acres of land, approximately 200,000 GFA, and 200+ units. The asset valuation is above $60MM with a capital requirement of $16.5MM and a limited partnership equity requirement of $10MM. The project spans a 2.5-year term, and the expected return is a 25% profit share.

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