Property Finder launches SuperAgent, MENA’s FIRST AI-driven ranking system for agents

by Editor

Dubai, UAE, 22 June 2022: Property Finder, the region’s leading proptech company, has created and launched ‘SuperAgent,’ Middle East and North Africa’s (MENA) first artificial intelligence (AI)-driven ranking system, powered by an in-house data platform – Agent Data Assistant (ADA).

Custom-developed by Property Finder, the new system uses millions of data points and aims to help home-seekers find the most responsive agents with up-to-date and improved knowledge of the properties.

ADA algorithm combines agent responsiveness, quality of property listings and agent reports, to identify top-performing ones as SuperAgents.

Through the launch of this pioneering system, Property Finder aspires to raise the bar in the real estate industry, driving agents towards creating an improved experience for home seekers. Ensuring that home seekers enjoy a seamless, hassle-free home-finding journey, the ecosystem is designed to help them identify high-quality listings with the agents who respond to their queries in time.

Ari Kesisoglu, President of Property Finder Group, said, “We are committed to empowering the home seekers to find their new home easily, quickly, and effortlessly by constantly investing in the best-in-class technology.”

“Through the launch of SuperAgent, we deliver our promise to enrich the home seeker journey with transparency and unbiased information to build trust in the market. ADA will help us make the real estate journeys seamless and more enjoyable as best agents will stand out from the crowd” Kesisoglu added.

According to a recent survey conducted by Property Finder, the majority of the leads for real estate come through WhatsApp. Of those leads, about 36% are responded to by agents within 30 minutes, however 30% of requests are not being responded to for different reasons.  This problem affects home seekers’ experience negatively and impacts the overall trust for the real estate sector. That’s why ADA was created.

Christophe de Rassenfosse, Chief Product Officer at Property Finder, said: “With ADA, we are aiming to provide insights to make it easier for the home seeker to select the best agent that provides an easy and hassle-free home-seeking journey. ADA is an independent algorithm built to identify agents that are property seeker obsessed, always looking to provide the best quality property listing and respond faster than any other agents to the home seeker’s needs.”

ADA adds a layer of AI algorithm to the analytics workflow, surfacing quality scores, and rewarding the best-in-class agents for modelling market leading consumer experiences, thereby improving customer experience, and establishing trustworthy relationships.

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