EVENT: CEO Clubs Shark Tank

by Editor

The CEO Clubs Network is a community that opens doors. As a prominent business networking club, it has a program for member involvement that has resulted in the creation of a number of fascinating business prospects. An event called CEO Clubs Shark Tank will take place on the 6th of July. This program is of the utmost benefit to those members of the club who are also seeking new chances to invest in or partner with.

Dr. Tariq Nizami, Founder and CEO, CEO Clubs Network exclaims that, “CEO Clubs Shark Tank will facilitate partnerships and bridge the gap between startups, businesses looking for expansions and investment and investors. It could be a timely solution in our community especially in facilitating investment and collaborations.

The CEO Clubs Shark Tank is a new type of event that is designed to facilitate the introduction of potential fund providers to investors while also giving attendees the opportunity to learn about investment prospects. With the support of this effort, CEO Clubs Network hopes to foster the growth of corporate partnerships in the surrounding community. Don’t pass up the unique opportunity to witness innovative and fascinating new business initiatives that are cutting edge.

The event will feature the esteemed Chairman of of City Tower Real Estate, Tauseef Khan, as an investor panelist. The ‘Shark’ is a self-made Indian expat in Dubai who built himself up in the real estate industry through hard work and ingenuity. He is well-known in the real estate industry for his innovative approach as an entrepreneur.

A Canadian real estate investment opportunity will also be presented by Mohammed Qaddoumi, the CEO/President of Top Real Estate Group (TREG) to the panel of Sharks. The investment offering is the lucrative Lux Eglinton project in Northcliffe, Toronto, Ontario. The project is located within Toronto’s “EGLINTON connect” Plan, a new generation planning strategy that integrates transportation investments, balanced mobility, and enhanced mixed-use development. The property is 130 meters from the Fairbank LRT station.

The event is accessible complimentary to the CEO Club’s Elite Members only.

An official invitation will be sent out via email to all of the CEO Clubs’ members. However, only confirmed members will be permitted to attend the event.

Please get in touch at events@ceoclubsuae.com or info@ceoclubsuae.com if you have any questions or are interested in collaborating.

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