Turkish real estate representatives in Qatar to attract investments and expand network

by Editor

In an effort to broaden their network and attract investors, Turkish real estate developers highlighted a variety of projects at one of the most important industry shows in the Gulf area.

Turkey’s inaugural participation in the yearly showcase was a national pavilion featuring 14 investment and real estate businesses at Cityscape Qatar, the nation’s premier real estate investment, development, and networking event.

Turkey’s participation in the event was coordinated by the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO), whose president, Ekib Avdagiç, called it “an unmissable chance for Turkey to promote some of its new initiatives and seek foreign investment.”

The Doha Exhibition & Convention Center hosted the tenth iteration of the three-day event from June 20 to 22.

Avdagiç told reporters, “Cityscape Qatar is a great opportunity for us. For the first time, we are hosting a national pavilion made up of 14 investment and real estate companies all looking for opportunities. This platform is a highly important avenue for the promotion of Turkish real estate projects with the aim of attracting high-net-worth investors.”

The incident occurred as Qatar was getting ready to host the World Cup, which will be staged in the Middle East for the first time this year.

The Gulf country has changed a lot in the 11 years since it won the bid to host the World Cup. At least $229 billion is thought to have been spent on infrastructure.

The World Cup, which will begin in November, will significantly increase Qatar’s business mobility, according to Avdagiç. We are aiming to boost the real estate sector’s contribution to our exports and to make sure that our businesses take advantage of these possibilities.

Avdagiç emphasized the expanding economic and business links between Qatar and Turkey. In the first four months of this year, he claimed, exports to the Gulf nation reached about $414 million, while imports came to $222 million.

Avdagiç remarked that this year, they hope to surpass the $1.7 billion in overall bilateral commerce from the previous year. Even with the global economic crisis and COVID-19, Avdagic said, it is good to see that the amount of trade between the two countries has been going up.

Over the past 50 years, Turkish contractors have worked on about 11,253 projects worth $457 billion in 131 different nations, he continued.

Avdagiç noted that the effective use of Turkey’s geographic location, proximity to other nations in the area, skilled personnel, technical know-how, technological adaptability, work experience, discipline, and competitive edge lead to the anticipation of even higher business volumes.

When it comes to building projects, which total $19.1 billion in Qatar, Turkish contractors are ranked ninth, he noted.

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