Meet “The Dubai Couple” – Managing Partners of Glenwood Equity 

by Editor

Our team at RIM is excited to introduce you to Rebecca and Philip Moreira, the dynamic expat duo living in Dubai who value heart and peace of mind first when it comes to real estate investment. The pair were coined “The Dubai Couple” by their peers in the U.S. due to their proximity to and presence in the Gulf, as they serve prominent international investors in the region. Their love for the city has allowed them to build long-lasting relationships with their investors in the Gulf.

Rebecca and Philip are investors in more than 1,000 multifamily units across the U.S. and have built a thriving business, Glenwood Equity, where they connect investors with these lucrative opportunities. They provide global investors with an alternative real estate investment opportunity that is tangible, stable, and has regular cash flow.

“Our investors are our family, and we value our family’s money more than our own!”

– glenwood equity

Before The Dubai Couple got their tagline, Rebecca and Philip spent years seeking and researching stable real estate investments around the globe. Their search determined that the U.S. undoubtedly has the best opportunities in terms of long-term stability. That’s when they found that U.S. multifamily is an asset class that offers just what they were looking for. 

In these volatile markets, it can be difficult to determine where and how you should make your investments. Whether you’re brand new to multifamily investing or a seasoned investor, most investors know that the team managing the asset is the most important part of the project’s successor, most investors know that the team managing the asset is the most important part of the project’s success. With the vision of a large firm but the agility of a small firm, Glenwood Equity helps its clients invest in stable assets in strong markets through an experienced and engaged team to preserve and grow their wealth.

Glenwood Equity paves the way for global investors to access the lucrative U.S. real estate market while relieving their clients of stock market grief and crypto roller coasters. Their portfolio in multifamily stands strong through their team of experienced partners and the implementation of vertical integration for maximum operational efficiency.

If you are looking to invest with people you can trust, who will treat you like family, are quick-thinking, and are willing to go the extra mile to support you, Glenwood Equity is your firm. 

Rebecca is a real estate investor and syndicator. She is a full-time real estate investor and entrepreneur with $50M+ assets under management personally but guides a team with $400M+ AUM. Before turning to real estate, she was an international flight attendant for 10 years. In addition, she earned a First Class Honors degree in Business Management. Her passion for people is reflected in her ability to meet and network internationally with experienced real estate asset managers to connect high-earning expats and family offices with lucrative real estate opportunities in growing and economically diverse markets in the U.S. 

Philip is a real estate investor, syndicator, and senior electrical engineer. His career in real estate began in 2007 when he and his dad purchased a triplex across the road from their family home. He graduated from Northeastern University and has a Master’s degree in electrical engineering. Philip has worked in the defence sector for more than 17 years, the last ten of which he has provided engineering support to the UAE military.

Why are investors diversifying into multifamily? 


Glenwood Equity strategically sources multifamily properties that are designed to perform well in all market cycles.

Apartments are recession resistant because, at the end of the day, people need somewhere to live. When economic stressors are on the rise and people decide to downsize, it’s typically apartments they move into.

Rewarding Returns

Multifamily offers rewarding returns so you can grow your wealth without exposing yourself to the unnecessary volatility most investors experience with traditional investments and stock market risk. Glenwood Equity sources investment opportunities with projected returns of 90 to 100% over 5 to 6 years and annual cash-on-cash returns of 5 to 9% per year.

Tax Benefits

Investors can achieve significant tax benefits through accelerated depreciation and cost segregation, possible 1031 exchanges into new projects, and tax-free returns on their initial investment.

Take a breath.

You don’t have to worry about your life savings or your family’s wealth riding the stock market roller coaster. 

Reclaim your time and freedom.

Create passive income streams to relieve your stress; you don’t have to settle for underperforming mutual funds or investments that barely beat inflation. 

Relax with less risk

Build more life balance and satisfaction without worrying about another market crash.

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