Real Estate Reputation Awards 2023 Recognizes Trailblazers in Dubai’s Thriving Property Market

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Celebrating Excellence: Honoring the Champions of UAE Real Estate at the Glittering Real Estate Reputation Awards 2023

Dubai, UAE – On June 22, 2023, the prestigious Real Estate Reputation Awards 2023 took place at the Ramee Dream Hotel in downtown Dubai. The event, which aimed to honor companies and experts for their significant contributions to building the reputation of the UAE real estate sector, gathered esteemed guests, industry professionals, and visionaries under one roof. The evening proved to be a resounding success, recognizing outstanding achievements and fostering a spirit of excellence within the industry.

H.E. Marwan Al Sarkal :Excellent Online Reputation
A highlight of the event was the presence of H.E. Marwan Al Sarkal, Founder of Chapter 3, who delivered an inspiring speech as a guest speaker. Mr. Al Sarkal, an eminent figure in the real estate landscape, shared his valuable insights and thoughts on the industry’s current state and future prospects. His address captivated the audience, further underscoring the significance of the occasion.
The Real Estate Reputation Awards 2023 celebrated the remarkable achievements of several distinguished winners, highlighting their exceptional performance and innovative approaches within the real estate industry. Let’s take a closer look at some of the deserving award recipients:

Dr. Mohanad Alwadiya: Most Engaging on YouTube. Renowned as “The Oracle of Dubai’s Real Estate Industry,” Dr. Mohanad Alwadiya, CEO of Harbor Real Estate, was lauded for his engaging presence on YouTube and his contributions to Dubai’s real estate industry through insightful analyses and expertise.

Innovation Experts Real Estate Institute: People’s Choice ,This private venture serves as the gateway for real estate professionals from all horizons to access the most relevant, accurate, and up-to-date real estate knowledge. With a team of dedicated experts, they strive to help individuals upskill their capabilities and deepen their understanding of the market. Their commitment to world’s best practices, latest market insights, and innovative techniques and tools earned them well-deserved recognition.

Dalila Laaribi:Best in Social Media Engagement. Recognized for her exceptional social media engagement, Dalila Laaribi demonstrated outstanding communication and interaction with the online community, effectively showcasing the real estate sector’s latest news and insights.

Property Finder: The Best Website .The Property Finder Group, the recipient of the Best Website award, stands as one of the top technology employers in the MENAT region.

SAMANA Developers: Top of Google Search Results. Acknowledged for their outstanding online presence, SAMANA Developers emerged as the leader in Google search results within the real estate industry.

Waheed Abbas:Most Extensive Media Coverage. .

Tiger Group: Honored for their outstanding online popularity, Tiger Group demonstrated a strong digital presence and garnered significant attention within the real estate industry.

JLL MENA: Recognized for their international brand awareness, JLL MENA showcased their commitment to establishing a global reputation within the real estate sector.

Select Group: Acknowledged for achieving the highest brand awareness in North America, Select Group demonstrated their strong presence and recognition in this key market.

Musliminvest: Recognized for attaining the highest brand awareness in Europe, Musliminvest demonstrated their success in establishing a prominent position within the European real estate landscape.

FIDU PROPERTIES: Honored for achieving the highest brand awareness in Asia.

Real Estate Reputation Awards Ceremony was organised by Reputation House, one of the world’s leading online reputation management agencies.

“Together with our partners and Awardees, we honor the achievements and ambitions that drive the UAE real estate industry forward. At Reputation House we contribute to one’s success by providing online reputation audit and SERM expertise to businesses and professionals. The hight interest towards the Award proves that reputation is the intangible asset worth investing in,”

Dima Raketa, CEO of Reputation House.

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