Bridging Continents: PPN Dubai Unveils, Forging Vital Connections Between UK Investors and Dubai Developers

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Dubai – In our quest to bridge gaps and cultivate international ties within the real estate realm, Progressive Property Network Dubai (PPN Dubai) is set to take center stage at the Address Marina Dubai on the evening of Thursday, 23 November. Guided by the expertise of Progressive Property Network UK (PPN UK), this groundbreaking event, organized jointly by PPN Dubai and PPN UK, promises to be a catalyst for forging meaningful collaborations between UK investors and Dubai developers. It is not just another networking event; instead, it is envisioned as a strategic bridge connecting two dynamic real estate markets. With a focus on creating transformative connections, the event aims to redefine how investors and developers will interact on an international scale.

Meet the Visionary Behind PPN Dubai: Fares Hatoum
Fares Hatoum, the host of PPN Cambridge and PPN Dubai, serves as a testament to the event’s commitment to diversity and global collaboration. His journey from optical management to a diverse property portfolio showcases a dedication to personal and professional growth, making him an ideal host for an event of this magnitude.

A Premier Networking Experience for UK Investors

As we anticipate the attendance of hundreds of UK investors and millionaires, this bespoke event is set to provide an unparalleled platform where investors can seamlessly connect with like-minded individuals and explore lucrative opportunities. The curated environment ensures that every interaction is purposeful, every conversation is insightful, and every collaboration is potentially transformative. It’s not merely a networking event; it’s an invitation to participate in a gathering of minds, where the elite in the UK investor community converge with Dubai’s dynamic real estate landscape.

Global Investment Prospects:

PPN Dubai provides a unique opportunity for attendees to explore cross-border investments, offering insights into emerging trends in both the UK and Dubai. This knowledge equips investors with the tools for informed decision-making in an increasingly interconnected property market.

Curated for High-End Investments:

For Dubai locals with a penchant for high-end investments, PPN Dubai promises exposure to upscale opportunities and partnerships that align with their investment goals.

Keynote Address by Alfie Best

Alfie Best, chairman of Wyldecrest Parks, adds a touch of real estate magnate wisdom to the event. His story, from humble beginnings to a prominent billionaire, offers valuable insights for aspiring investors navigating the complexities of the real estate industry.

Insights from David Hartnett

David Hartnett, our distinguished speaker, dives into the intricacies of the UK property market. With a focus on dispelling common myths and providing a comprehensive snapshot of the current landscape, Hartnett’s expertise offers attendees a unique perspective on the lucrative opportunities within the UK.

Save the Date: 23rd November, 2023

Mark your calendars for the grand launch of Progressive Property Network Dubai. Join us at the Address Dubai Marina on 23rd November at 5:00 PM. This event, spearheaded by PPN UK, promises to be more than a gathering—it’s an opportunity to unlock fresh investment possibilities, forge strategic partnerships, and stay ahead in the evolving global property market. To know more about and registration visit

As we at RIM Magazine join forces with Progressive Property Network Dubai (PPN Dubai) as a proud media partner, we recognize the event’s significant role in uniting UK investors and Dubai developers. Our commitment to delivering insightful content aligns seamlessly with PPN Dubai’s mission to forge vital connections in the global real estate arena.
This collaboration underscores our dedication to supporting initiatives that foster collaboration, innovation, and growth in the real estate sector. Stay tuned for comprehensive coverage of PPN Dubai, where the latest trends, expert insights, and exciting opportunities will be unveiled. RIM’s editorial team is looking forward to see you at the event on 23 November Address Marina Dubai

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