RIM | Real Estate Industry Magazine Announces Media Partnership with BuildTech Week 2024 in Barcelona, Spain

by Editor

RIM Real Estate Industry Media Magazine is thrilled to announce its media partnership with the prestigious World Conference on Construction and Building Technology, known as BuildTech Week 2024, scheduled to take place on May 13-14, 2024, at Hotel Catalonia Barcelona 505.

BuildTech Week 2024 is a globally renowned conference and exhibition that brings together leading minds and innovative solutions in the construction and building technology sector. With a theme centered around “Experience The Tomorrow’s Built Environment In-Person,” this event promises to be a groundbreaking gathering of professionals, experts, and technology enthusiasts from various corners of the globe.

Why Attend BuildTech Week 2024:

BuildTech Week 2024 is a first-of-its-kind event focusing on science, technology, and innovation in the residential and commercial construction sector. It serves as a hub for full-scale innovation, learning, networking, and business opportunities for the entire industry. From construction robotics and prefab modeling to pioneering purchasing power and the latest in smart home technology, BuildTech Week covers the spectrum of advancements in the field.

The event is crucial for professionals and businesses involved in the construction and construction technology industry. Architects, engineers, contractors, project developers, and suppliers of construction and construction technology products will gather to showcase their goods and services. The event covers a wide range of services and solutions, including building automation systems, sustainable building and construction technologies, software for planning and construction, safety and environmental technology, and construction machinery, tools, and materials.

Target Participants:

BuildTech Week 2024 is designed to attract a diverse audience, including students, academicians, researchers, architects, builders, building merchants, engineers, business development professionals, government representatives, investors, and many more. The event provides a platform for networking, learning, and exhibiting opportunities for professionals in every sector involved in the construction and building technology industry.

Key Importance of BuildTech Week 2024:

BuildTech Week 2024 is positioned as the one-stop platform where over 300 international and regional brands will gather to engage with key industry stakeholders across the regional Built Environment value-chain. The event will showcase the latest products, services, smart solutions, and technological innovations across the entire building life-cycle.

The conference will focus on advancing strategies and techniques for climate change mitigation and adaptation, making it a premier platform that will transform Europe’s Built Environment. BuildTech Week 2024 will delve into three dimensions of emerging technologies and solutions – Digitalisation, Smart Construction (Robotics & Automation), and Green Construction (Sustainability).

Moreover, the event promises exclusive networking opportunities with industry-leading bodies and Europe’s largest networking event for experts in construction. With 300+ registered visitors expected, including contractors, architects, civil engineers, realtors, developers, government officials, and construction professionals, BuildTech Week 2024 is poised to be a significant milestone for the industry.

The most senior and influential leaders will come together to discuss and celebrate pathways for a stronger, more progressive construction industry. RIM Real Estate Industry Media Magazine is proud to be a media partner for this transformative event and looks forward to providing extensive coverage of the latest trends, innovations, and insights that will emerge from BuildTech Week 2024.

Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this journey together, exploring the future of construction and building technology at BuildTech Week 2024 – where innovation meets infrastructure, and the built environment of tomorrow takes shape. For event details and registration, visit https://buildtechweek.peoplevents.uk/register/

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